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Shot blasting

We would like to support you with our knowledge and experience in the field of steel shot blasting.

Shot blasting

Blasting is one of the most common kinds of processing steel. This technology plays an important part as it strengthens, cleans and polishes metal. Its primary application is to modify steel elements with the use of abrasive and compressed air jet or liquid flow. The processes require precision, which can only be provided by experienced specialists.


Stainless Stell

The maximum dimensions of the stainless-steel panel that we can serve are 6000x1200x800mm.

Black Steel

The maximum dimensions of the black steel panel that we can serve are 3200x800x800mm.

Our Machine Park

Our production plant is equipped with two automated chambers for shot blasting of stainless and black steel. We select abrasive material depending on the final effect the Customer wants to achieve.

Chambers for Shot Blasting

  • Due to the fastening system of the chambers, the minimum dimensions of the elements of stainless and black steel placed in the shot blasting chamber are 100x100x100mm.
  • The maximum permitted weight is from 0 to 300 kilogrammes.
  • The minimum dimensions for black steel are 3200x800x800mm.
  • The maximum dimensions for stainless steel are 6000x1200x800mm.

Robotised Stations

Our production plant is equipped with two-shot blasting chambers that guarantee precision, reliability and full automation of the process.

Ideal for Stainless Steel and Black Steel.

  • Ideal for Stainless Steel and Black Steel.
  • The abrasive we use is broken steel shot and chrome grit.
  • The maximum dimensions of the shot blasted elements are 6200x1200x800mm.

Manual Services

We also provide manual services of cleaning and modification of steel elements in the process of applying adhesive material.

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