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Our production plant

We employ over 300 specialists in machining steel. The machine park in our production plant is equipped with a full range of machines for professional services of cutting, welding, bending, painting, shot blasting, machining steel and assembly lines.


Our philosophy

Our machine park is equipped with innovative, sophisticated state-of-the-art automation solutions.
Machines we use guarantee precision and reliability in the services of machining steel that we provide. However, the success of a production plant is not only achieved by modern machinery but above all qualified employees with expertise in their adequate fields of operation.

We guarantee short order completion and delivery time. This is due to two significant factors—namely, our staff who work in a three-shift timetable and smart, innovative machines which are time-efficient.

Automation of the Production Process

Owing to innovative solutions in the production processes and unique warehouse facilities, automation is introduced at every stage of the execution of orders.

Automation Rate

According to IFR methodology, robotisation rate in PROTECH is 550 robot stations per 10 000 employees, the average rate for Europe is 112.

Many Years of Experience

As professionals, we continuously raise our competences and qualifications.

Cutting Zone

We provide services for cutting with a wide range of technologies. We choose a specific method to suit Customer’s applications and needs. We recommend punching process for the production of large series. Laser cutting is a modern method of machining steel which enables cutting metal sheets of various thickness.

On order, we also provide services of pipe and profile cutting, as well as cutting in insulation using sophisticated automation solutions.

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Welding Zone

We have provided welding services of steel elements for 25 years. We excel at welding steel. Our production area consists of two types of welding stations such as robotised and manual stations. The former one is fully-automated, which allows time-efficient completion of all orders.

Manual welding allows our team of skilled workers to perform high-precision of welding of metal elements.

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Bending Zone

Within bending zone, we offer 3 types of CNC bending with the use of adequately prepared production stations. Our machines for manual bending are designed to ensure precision in the production of details.

Our CNC robotised stations are used for the production of a series of repeated bends.
Our automated stations allow bending of metal sheets of a wide range of thickness with the bending speed two or even three times greater than bending performed on a robotised station.

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Painting Zone

We offer professional painting services using both powder painting and spray painting. Powder painting, which is also called dry painting, ensures high durability and resistance of the paint layer.

Spray painting is cost-effective, and precision of performance is guaranteed by our skilled and experienced painters.

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Shot blasting Zone

Shot blasting is one of the most common processes of machining steel. The process plays an important role as it strengthens, cleans and polishes metal. The process allows modifying steel elements with abrasive material under compressed air jet or flow of liquid. The process requires precision, which can be ensured only by professional, highly-skilled specialists.

Our employees will serve you professionally in the field of shot blasting, taking care of every detail.

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Assembly Zone

Our spacious assembly halls and skilled workers who have been awarded electric qualifications will ensure effective, quick service of assembly with the highest care of every single detail.

Our automated warehouse storage shelves allow us to control the availability of every single element needed for production. Owing to the automated warehouse, on the receipt of any order, we can immediately confirm if the elements needed for production of a given product are in stock.

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High-speed Machining

In our high-speed machining zone, we use modern methods of machining steel to ensure precise forms, with the accuracy down to a fraction of a millimetre, and dependable reliability. The zone is equipped with milling machines, lathes, drills, thread cutting machines, and belt grinders.

We select technologies to suit Customer’s needs and applications. We continually expand our machine park to address the growing needs of our Customers.

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Location and Site Map

PROTECH is located in the exclusive economic zone in Zator. Our most recent success is an extension of our production plant by an extra 15.000 m2.

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