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PROTECH is a polish company which offers the most modern processes of hybrid welding, which enable full automation of the production.


Hybrid Method

Hybrid welding unites the best aspects of laser welding and MAG method. Hybrid method modernizes technological processes eliminating deformation and welding stress accompanying traditional methods of weld making.

The method is ideal for:

  • automation of shipbuilding
  • production of rail vehicles
  • welding of alloyed steel and high-alloyed steel
  • welding aluminium and its alloys
  • welding of alloys of chrome-nickel (CR-Ni)
  • car body sheets (and other coated sheets)

Hybrid Welding

The hybrid method of welding allows to shorten the time of preparation and the process of welding itself, providing the highest quality of the weld at the same time.

The process is characterised by high performance as by using high power laser, and it is possible to weld the steel of 20 millimetres in one pass. Moreover, laser hybrid welding features high stability of the process as the only heat source used in the process is a laser beam. Owing to this method, it is possible to accelerate the process, reaching the speed of welding of black steel at the level from 6 millimetres to 2 meters per minute. By comparison, the same parameter in MAG technology is only 40 cm per minute.


Improvement of the Quality of the Weld

Hybrid welding technology allows to eliminate uncontrollable and excessive deformations in the welded constructions.

More Stable Process

Hybrid welding technology allows to eliminate uncontrollable and excessive deformations in the welded constructions.

Welding Stresses Elimination

Traditional methods of welding may lead to stresses which become apparent as defects upon using the final product, and the problem is eliminated when it comes to hybrid welding process.

Shorter Time of Welding

The most prominent feature of that method is great speed of the welding process with accompanying improvement of the quality of the weld.

Robotised stations

PROTECH is equipped with the innovative, sophisticated, state-of-the-art robotised stations for hybrid welding.

Features of the Station:

  • The robotised station for hybrid welding merges MAG method and laser method welding. It has laser power of 6kW and is supplied with welding current of 500A.
  • Handling of the treated detail is enabled by two rotary part positioners.
  • The machine enables welding of details of maximum size of 800x800x3200mm and weight up to 1000kg, or size 1000x1000x1500mm and weight up to 650kg.


The process is characterised by high performance, due to the use of high power lasers.

Engineers with Expertise

All our employees are specialists in their fields of performance, needless to say, it applies to hybrid welding as well. The specialists from the production team make both a systematic effort to ensure high-quality of services provided by PROTECH, and attempt to satisfy the highest demands of our Customers.

For over 20 years, that is from the time the company was established, our motto has been continuous development.

We continuously look for new solutions in order to offer to our Customers products and services of the highest quality at the competitive prices. That development is also apparent through the choice of modern technologies such as hybrid welding for production.

Competent Staff

For over 20 years we have provided services of the highest quality, continually enlarging the scope of our activities in new fields, including hybrid welding.

Many Years of Experience

Experience gained over the years in the field of technology, methods of welding, which we have implemented in our production, make us leaders in our profession.

Modern Machines

Our production line is equipped with the latest generation of machines which help to ensure precision and reliability in all the processes of welding services we provide.

Quick Order Completion

Modern equipment used for hybrid welding and employees of PROTECH production department, who do three-shift timetable work, guarantee efficiency and short time of the execution of all orders.

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Our assets are long-standing experience, know-how, and unmatched technical expertise in processing metal. We advise and cooperate with our Customers to provide the desired quality of details.
We would like to help you choose the best service to suit your specific applications and needs.

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