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Cutting pipes and profiles

We offer services of cutting pipes and profiles with fully automated programable saws used for cutting.


Cutting Pipes and Profiles

Our Baumalog warehouse facilitates the process of cutting pipes by providing the movable system of uploading for three automatic saws, which in turn cut pipes into previously programmed lengths. The single maximum upload is 4 tonnes. The entire process is supervised by our specialists.

We provide the services of laser cutting with the use of sophisticated, innovative machines, which enable us to process the products with high-reliability and precision. The technology we use guarantees smooth edges and clean scratch-free surface without any splashes of the final product.

Machines for Cutting Pipes and Profiles

Baumalog warehouse consists of 116 movable shelves. This smart programable machine allows us to select an adequate length of material, to ensure that the pipe after the upload is cut into pieces of equal length.

Baumalog warehouse

Capacity: 58 trays for profiles
Maximum length: up to 6000 mm
Maximum payload: up to 2 tonnes
Maximum diameter: 350 mm
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Our specialists

Many Years of Experience

We boast services of the highest quality which we have provided unfailingly for over 25 years. Striving to improve, advance and develop our range of production by introducing new solutions and fields of operation, including sophisticated hi-tech automation solutions such as cutting pipes and profiles.


Being professional means, we continuously gain new knowledge, develop and advance in order to remain competent leaders on the industrial market of the future. We promote innovative smart automation solutions and personal development of our employees.

Innovative, sophisticated machines

Our production plant is equipped with innovative fully-automated machines which ensure high precision and full process reliability of the services of cutting pipes and profiles.

Order Completion Time

We guarantee short order completion and delivery time. This is due to two significant factors—namely, our staff who work in a three-shift timetable and smart, innovative machines which are time-efficient.

Customised Services

Our innovative machines offer a wide range of production possibilities which help us to choose in a flexible way of technology which will suit your applications and needs.

Sophisticated Automation Solutions

It is the high-tech automation of our Baumalog warehouse that convinces our Customers to use our services. Our highly-qualified specialists ensure the process reliability by programming the machine to make a precise cutting of pipes and profiles of equal length.

Our Assets:

  • Enormous storage space
  • Controlled check of the flow of products
  • Preparation of the complete documentation of the final product

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Our assets are long-standing experience, know-how, and unmatched technical expertise in processing metal. We advise and cooperate with our Customers to provide the desired quality of details.
We would like to help you choose the best service to suit your specific applications and needs.

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