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Cutting Insulation

We offer sophisticated automation solutions for cutting diverse-range of shapes in insulation.

Cutting Insulation

Cutting Insulation

We provide the service of cutting full blocks of foam and Styrofoam with the use of XTR PRO machine routers. Cutting is made by abrasive endless steel fast wire which is sped up in the process up to 280km/h. Fully-automated process of cutting insulation allows completing orders fast.

Our string plotters can handle the following materials: polyurethane foams (upholstery sponges, PU or PUR), polyisocyanurate foams (PIR, POLYISO, ISO), polypropylene foams (PE, PP), mineral wool, rock wool, or foamed glass.

Cutting Insulation machines

With the use of a modern XTR PRO series string plotter, we are able to cut various types of insulation, and completely automatically cut any shape in it.

XTR PRO series String Plotter

Size of elements: 2000 x 2600 mm
Maximum length: up to 1300 m

Our assets


We boast services of the highest quality which we have provided unfailingly for over 25 years. Striving to improve, advance and develop our range of production by introducing new solutions and fields of operation, including cutting insulation

Our Specialists

For over 25 years we have provided services of the highest quality, continuously extending the scope of our activities with new fields of performance, one of which is cutting insulation.

Modern Machines

Our production plant is equipped with the innovative, sophisticated state-of-the-art machines that enable precision in the process of cutting insulation we provide.

Order Completion Time

We guarantee short order completion and delivery time. This is due to two significant factors—namely, our staff who work in a three-shift timetable and smart, innovative machines which are time-efficient.

Customized services

Our innovative machines offer a wide range of production possibilities which help us to choose in a flexible way of technology which will suit your applications and needs.


Our automatic warehouse storage system provides material for 8 cutting machines. Before uploading the material into a shelf, it is weighed and assigned to a given pallet. At the same time, a warehouse worker attaches a qualitative certificate to the batch in the system. All these actions allow making a record of the full process that the material undergoes and allows full control of the production.

Our Assets:

  • Enormous storage space
  • Controlled check of the flow of products
  • Preparation of the complete documentation of the final product

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Our assets are long-standing experience, know-how, and unmatched technical expertise in processing metal. We advise and cooperate with our Customers to provide the desired quality of details.
We would like to help you choose the best service to suit your specific applications and needs.

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