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CNC Bending

We offer the highest quality of services in steel bending performed with the most modern machines.


We provide three types of bending processes, executed using suitably prepared production stations. In our factory, you will find manual stations, which consist of 7 manual bending presses designed to make details. Our production plant is equipped with Salvagnini P4 automated bending centre, enabling automatic handling of the material during bending. Automated stations enable bending of metal sheets of various thickness, at  2 or even 3 times higher speed compared to robot use.

Automated machines keep high precision of dimensions and exceptional repeatability. Besides, they are supplied with an automatic system of tool cleaning, which is implemented in the process of detail making. Moreover, we provide services with the use of robots for CNC bending. A detailed description of the applications of our machines is given below in the section “ Machines for bending.”

The machines are ideal for

  • Machining metals for construction and architecture
  • Construction of elements for the mechanical industry
  • Production of medical tools and equipment
  • Cutting requiring high precision
  • Production of repeatable elements in the process of bending
  • Shaping metal sheets

Shaping metal sheets

Our production plant is equipped with modern machinery enabling robotized and manual production. In this section, you will find the description of the range of possibilities offered by the machines used for bending.

Robots for Bending

Maximum thickness of the sheets/ details: 15mm/4000mm
Length: up to 4200 mm
Maximum press pressure: 320 tonnes

Bending Centre

Maximum press pressure: up to 2.1 mm
At the angle of bending 90°thickness of: up to 3.2 mm
Maximum length of the detail: 2150mm

Presses for Manual Bending

Thickness of the sheet: up to 25 mm
Length: up to 4000 mm
Maximum press pressure: 320 tonnes
Maximum weight of single element: 100 tonnes

Our Specialists

Specialization in steel processing

For over 25 years we have provided services of the highest quality, continuously extending the scope of our activities with new fields of performance, one of which is CNC bending.

Many Years of Experience

Experience gained over the years of work, and knowledge of know-how in the field of technology which we regularly enhance, make us professional leaders in the field.

Modern Machines

Our production plant is equipped with the innovative, sophisticated state-of-the-art machines that enable precision in the process of bending we provide.

Quick Completion of Orders

Both the staff of PROTECH production department who work in a 3-shift timetable and modern machinery we use, guarantee a short completion time of all orders and quick, timely delivery.


Machines with a wide spectrum of product design possibilities allow us to select an adequate technology to meet the demands of Customers.

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Our assets are long-standing experience, know-how, and unmatched technical expertise in processing metal. We advise and cooperate with our Customers to provide the desired quality of details.
We would like to help you choose the best service to suit your specific applications and needs.

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